Window Problems

Solutions to Your Window Problems.

If you have a window or door PROBLEM, Southgate Glass has the window or door SOLUTION


Poorly or non-operating windows and doors.


Schedule a Southgate Glass Technician come out and diagnose the problem. Some problems include broken balances (single and double hung windows), old or broken rollers for sliding windows or patio doors and patio door tracks . We have many parts in stock for immediate install. New windows are also an option, but sometimes not needed.

Problem: Excessive heat gain/loss

Solution: If your windows are clear glass, heat and energy loss can be significant. Southgate Glass can come and install new energy efficient glass. If you still have the old single pane windows, one solution is to install new energy efficient windows with LowE glass. The amount of money you save on your energy bill can often pay for your new windows. Many utility bill rebates available. Call your local energy company for details. Another option for your windows with extensive sun exposure is to install sun or solar screens.

Problem: Noise

Solution: Noise factors in a home can be a hard problem to solve. The windows are just one factor to the problem. Noise can also come through the walls, vents and even the roof. If the current windows are single pane, a double pane window will cut out a lot of noise. You can also ask about replacing your current window glass with unequal glass.

Problem: Condensation and mold between the glass

Solution: This is what is called a failed unit. Insulated glass seal failure occurs when moisture penetrates the edge seals and wets the airspace between the two pieces of glass. We can come out and replace just the glass in your window. This will save you hundreds of dollars compared to installing new windows. Southgate Glass guarantees the new Insulated Glass unit for as long as you own your home. Ask your sales representative for complete details.

Money Saving Tips

You can save money on an IG unit replacement at any glass shop if the unit is in a sash that can be removed and brought into the shop to be measured.

Many people find do-it-yourself IG replacement to be, in hindsight, a regrettable decision. We recommend you contact your preferred glass shop for both the measure and installation of IG units.

Video on how to install a new IGU - View Video

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