Pet Doors

A Pet Door That Makes Sense

A patio door conversion kit is a well designed, custom built, weather tight panel that fits your existing sliding or swinging glass door. While the pet door keeps the weather out, you still have full use of the sliding door, latch and screen.

Southgate Glass offers the In-the-Glass pet door option for those customers wanting to install a high-quality pet door through glass...primarily sliding glass doors. This type of installation requires very highly skilled Glass Glazier. In-glass models are very attractive to those customers who do not wish to install a pet door through a door or wall.

Before and After Pet Door Projects


Pet door conversion system:

  • Allow your sliding door to slide, lock and function the same.
  • Energy efficient glass options: LowE-272 or LowE-366 for gray or bronze tint.
  • Includes a Endura Flap, with continuous magnetic contact, pivot rod for full swing and unique bellows on the flap edges to ensure an energy efficient seal.
  • The flap is UV resistant, flexible to -40° F and has been tested to withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour.
  • Allow your screen to work normally.
  • Maintain your doors built in efficiency. The system comes with new double pane safety glass. Your weather stripping still lines up and seals properly.
  • Allow Secondary locks and alarms to work without modification.
  • Maintain full unobstructed view.
  • Easy to remove. If you sell your home or no longer have a pet, the original glass can be re-installed in minutes.
  • One touch opening, the security cover easily removes when in use. Security cover with deadlock adds security and is weather tight when closed.
  • National brand pet opening comes in four sizes and features an efficient magnetic closing strip to help prevent drafts. The solid aluminum frame is both durable and attractive.
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