Our number one priority at Southgate Glass is to keep our customers, employees and their families safe. OUR SHOWROOMS ARE OPEN TO SERVE YOU.
Depending on your preference, HOME AND VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE. As a precautionary measure, we have installed sneeze guards in our showrooms and implemented increased hygiene routines for our sales staff, techs and installers. Be safe.



Image Model Name Color Frame Type Series Style Size Price Location
A-Case-C-120 White Interior / Brown Exterior Nail Fin —— Double Casement 71-1/2 x 47-1/2 $50 Carmichael
A-Case-C-124 White Nail Fin —— RH Casement 23-1/2 x 71-3/4 $50 Carmichael
A-CASE-S-162 A-CASE-S-162 Bronze Nail Fin Andersen Casement 2 @ 59-3/4c59-7/8 $50 Sacramento
A-FD-C-122 —— Nail Fin FG Full Lite, LH, 4-1/2" Jamb, No Handle 3/0 x 6/8 $250 Carmichael
A-Picture-C-128 White Nail Fin —— Picture 23-1/2 x 59-1/2 $50 Carmichael
A-Picture-C-129 White Nail Fin —— Picture 23-1/2 x 53-1/2 $50 Carmichael
SG-C-111 White Nail Fin - New Const 100 Picture 30-19/64 x 42-19-64 Sold Carmichael
SG-C-117 White Interior / Dark Bronze Exterior Nail Fin - New Const 100 Double Casement - Picture in center 119-1/2 x 47-1/2 Sold Carmichael


Image Model Name Color Frame Type Series Style Size Price Location
C-Case-S-159 C-Case-S-159 White Nail Fin Cascade Crank/Pic/Crank 85 x 48 with Grids $80 Sacramento
C-Slide-S-156 C-Slide-S-156 White Retro Cascade Slider 66-3/8x56-7/8 $75 Sacramento
C-Slide-S-157 C-Slide-S-157 White Retro Cascade Slider 28-1/8x34 $50 Sacramento
C-Slide-S-158 C-Slide-S-158 White Nail Fin Cascade Slider 47-1/4x46-1/4 $50 Sacramento
C-Slide-S-160 C-Slide-S-160 White Nail Fin Cascade Slider 47-1/2x47-1/2 with grids $50 Sacramento
SG-C-116 White Nail Fin - New Const 9100 Slider 22-3/16 x 9-9/16 Not Available Carmichael
SG-C-3 White Vinyl - Nail Fin WinPro XOX-XOX slider 92.75 x 56.5 Sold Carmichael


Image Model Name Color Frame Type Series Style Size Price Location
M-CASE-S-150 M-CASE-S-150 White Nail Fin —— Casement 35-1/2x53-1/2 $50 Sacramento
M-Pic-S-153 M-Pic-S-153 Black Nail Fin —— Picture 22x29 $35 Sacramento
M-Pic-SH-C-132 White Interior / Brown Exterior Vinyl - Nail Fin —— Picture over Single Hung 24-1/2 x 71-1/2 $50 Carmichael
M-Picture-C-131 White Vinyl - Nail Fin —— Picture 35-1/2 x 76-1/2 $50 Carmichael
M-SH-S-151 M-SH-S-151 Tan Nail Fin —— Arch Single Hung 2 @ 29-1/2x88-1/2 $75 Sacramento
M-SH-S-155 M-SH-S-155 Tan Nail Fin —— Single Hung 14-1/2x59-1/2 $50 Sacramento
M-Slide-S-152 M-Slide-S-152 White Retro —— Slider 44x56 $50 Sacramento
M-Slide-S-154 M-Slide-S-154 White Nail Fin —— Slider 35x47-1/2 (Rain Glass) $50 Sacramento
SG-C-110 White Nail Fin - New Const Styleline Horizontal Slider 39-1/2 x 17-1/2 Sold
SG-C-114 White Vinyl - Retrofit Styleline Casement 24 x 24 Sold
SG-C-124 White 1-3/8” Nail Fin Setback Styleline with Diamond Polished V-Groove Picture 24 x 48 Sold


Image Model Name Color Frame Type Series Style Size Price Location
P-Slider-S-163 P-Slider-S-163 White Retro PlyGem Slider 26-3/4x44-5/8 $50 Sacramento
P-Slider-S-164 P-Slider-S-164 White Block PlyGem Slider 35-1/2x47-1/4 $50 Sacramento


Image Model Name Color Frame Type Series Style Size Price Location
S-DS-C-133 S-DS-C-133 White Vinyl - Nail Fin —— OX - Dual Slider with Screen 75 x 49-3/4 $50 Carmichael
S-Pic-C-138 White Vinyl - Retrofit —— Picture 35-1/2 x 11-1/2 $50 Carmichael
S-Picture-C-136 White Vinyl - Nail Fin —— Picture 35-1/2 x 17-1/2 $50 Carmichael
S-SH-S-161 S-SH-S-161 White Retro Simonton Single Hung 26-1/2x56 $50 Sacramento
S-XOX-C-136 White Vinyl - Retrofit —— XOX-XOX slider 72 x 16 Sold Carmichael
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It can be hard to know which businesses remain open (and which do not) as we face the current health crisis. But we have good news!

As an essential business, Southgate Glass is 100 percent open for all of your glass and screen needs.

Every one of our services remains fully available to you, including in-home consultations and installation.

Our employees have been meticulously trained in all recommended precautions and are employing comprehensive safeguards to ensure a completely safe environment for both our customers and staff.

We encourage you to call us today to discuss options and set up a phone consultation.