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Not everything works out the way that we expect, and usually there is some easy recourse. But that might not be the case when you’re talking about replacement windows or doors. What can you do if the replacement windows and doors that you chose for your Granite Bay home are not ideal?

If you look at the windows once they are installed and realize that they don’t fit your home or don’t work with the rooms that they were installed in, to be honest there isn’t going too much that you can do. That’s why you need to take your time in selecting your replacement windows or doors for your home.

Do NOT rush this process. Don’t let any salesperson try to encourage or trick you into buying certain windows because they are offering a ‘limited time’ sale and you ‘have to act now.’ Those are underhanded sales tactics and they might be okay when you’re shopping for a TV or a bedroom set, but this is something that, once installed, is going to be with your house for at least 10, 15, and even 20 years.

If you feel that you are being pressured into purchasing certain windows or an entry door, then step back and thank the salesperson for their time and then go somewhere else. Because of the nature of this home improvement project, any time that you are beginning to feel pressured, it’s time to step back, step away, and then take the information that you gathered and gained and then move on. You need to stop the process any time that you don’t feel comfortable.

What Should You Expect to Invest for Each Window or Door for Your Home?

The average cost of a window is between $250 to $700. For a front door, you should consider spending between $1,000 and $2,000. There are many factors that cause these aspects of your home to cost what they do, including the fact that 40 percent of your home’s energy (heat and cool air) is lost through the windows and doors, as well as the fact that these are the main entry points and should be secure and safe.

Because of that, this is going to be a significant expense. It demands that you go through all of your options. It demands that you step back, take stock in the style of windows that you have currently in every room, see what types of windows that you could get now, and what a different style might look like in its place.

For example, you may have an old picture window that was installed in the 1980s bordered by two double hung windows in your living room. You might be keeping the shades drawn over them most of the time because when the sun beats in during the summer, it heats up your home too much, but also because these windows might have been painted too many times, causing them to be an eyesore. Now, when you have an experienced window contractor going over all of your options, you will be able to envision installing a bay window with two narrower double hung windows on either side with a half moon window over those double hung windows.

When you can picture in your mind what that new style of window will look like, because you have found a contractor who will go over all of your options, then you’re going to be able to take some time to consider what you truly want within each room of your home. You won’t be rushing through the process, so that when they are finally installed in your home, you’re going to already know how great they are going to look.

However, you may even find that the actual appearance of these new windows in your home could even surprise you with how amazing they look once they are actually installed. But that’s a good surprise. When you are rushed, when you focus on trying to save as much money as possible, when you are pressured to make a deal as quickly as possible, you don’t have enough time to absorb the style of the windows or how they will actually look in your home, unless you’re just replacing your existing windows with replacement ones that are the same size and style, in which case you won’t have to worry about them not being ideal.

What about if there is a problem with the installation?

From time to time, you will find that mistakes are made. If you choose a contractor who doesn’t have a lot of experience installing replacement windows or doors in Granite Bay, then you may encounter issues with installation. This could be that the windows are not level, that they don’t sit flush with the walls, that the molding is not replaced properly, or the siding of your house doesn’t meet up with the flashing.

There are so many things that could go wrong and if you have an installation that isn’t right, then you should certain demand that the contractor return and correct the problem. If they are unwilling to do that or they don’t respond to your calls, then contact an experience window and door professional. It will cost you more to have someone else come out and fix the problems, but it’s best to have the issue addressed right away, otherwise the windows or doors could become damaged.

You can avoid this issue in the same way that you can ensure that you love your replacement windows and doors by taking your time and being careful about who you choose as your replacement window and door company or contractor.


Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

In Granite Bay, CA, Can I Replace My Windows and Doors Anytime of the Year?

Although windows and doors can be replaced all year round, installation is usually best done in the milder months of spring and fall. Extreme temperatures in summer and winter can impact the efficiency of the installation process.

How Can Windows in Granite Bay, California Help Me Improve the Natural Light in My Home?

Choose lighter window treatments and bigger windows, such bay or picture windows. Placing windows strategically to optimize natural light and preserve energy efficiency might be aided by professional advice.

In Granite Bay, CA, Do I Need a Permit to Replace Windows?

In California, replacing windows does indeed require a permit. Both Section 1030 of the California Building Code and Section 310 of the CA Residential Code from 2022 state this regulation. Its aim is to guarantee that any home improvement is carried out safely.


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