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5 Things to Consider for Replacement Windows and Doors in Your Sacramento Home

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Whether it’s just replacing a worn-out shower enclosure, need a new windowpane, or installing new windows and patio doors, Southgate Glass is here to help. We repair and install everything we sell. Southgate Glass Only Sells AAMA Certified Windows and is EPA Certified. You Can Trust Southgate Glass. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners with their projects, get your no-pressure estimate. We make it as quick and painless as possible call us now at (916) 421-1723 we listen, we plan and then we get your project done.

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Living in Sacramento, there are so many things to do, great neighborhoods, and you’re close to the heart of California. Owning a home in this area is a wonderful experience and it also comes with some great responsibilities as well.

One of those is upkeep and maintenance. The older that a home is, the more likely that it will need replacement windows. The average life expectancy for modern windows is 15 years. When windows are older than this, they will generally show the effects of the years. They could have been repainted many times, they could have been broken, the glass replaced a few times, and not very energy efficient.

Every year, technology helps to improve windows, from functionality to energy efficiency. When you notice that the windows in your home are worn out, old, and tired, there are some things that you should consider before you make a final decision about the replacement windows for your home. This is also true when you consider new doors as well, including the front door, back door, or any interior door.

1. Your Personal Preferences.

No matter what style or type of windows that you have in your home right now, that doesn’t mean you have to replace them with the same style. Getting new replacement windows is a wonderful opportunity to inspire your inner creativity and even transform your entire home.

Take some time to look at the different options that exist for replacement windows, such as bay windows, bow windows, casement, double hung, picture windows, and even custom designed windows.

If there are some wonderful views that exist just outside your windows, something broad, wide, or even floor to ceiling could completely open up your room, establishing a different appearance.

Don’t shy away from any possibility in the beginning. This is one of the best opportunities that you’ll have to fundamentally change the entire look and feel of your home.

2. Budget.

Every homeowner has a certain budget that they can allot to various home improvement projects. Replacement windows and doors tend to get the least amount of respect and consideration, though they can have some of the most significant impacts on home values, both monetary and aesthetic.

You should establish a budget that is comfortable (something that you will be able to afford without causing financial strain or hardship) and that will allow you to get quality replacement windows. As with most products, there are inexpensive windows that will be basic and won’t do much to improve the value of your home and there are also more durable, energy efficient, and appealing windows that will cost more.

Take a fair assessment of your finances and what you’re able to afford at this moment. You will actually save more over the years when you have higher quality windows that cost more now.

3. Size.

If you have been thinking that you could have larger windows in one room, such as the living room to take advantage of the views through that window, or having smaller windows in one of the bedrooms, for example, this is the ideal time to do that.

Will it affect the amount of money that you need to budget for replacement windows? Yes. Any time that you’re going to alter the size of windows in your home, it’s going to require more work at the time of installation. With more work, it will cost more.

Yet if you have been considering this for some time, then now is the right time to get it done. You may want to consider doing a few rooms at a time. That all depends on how important altering the size of certain windows is to you.

4. Energy Efficiency.

While you don’t have to be too concerned about brutally cold winters like you might find in Montana or the extreme heat of the southern part of the state, energy efficiency is important. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint and consume less energy to keep warm during the winter or cool during the summer, you’ll save money.

The more extreme that the weather is, the more you’re going to save. More energy efficient windows will generally cost more and the more efficient that they are, the more the replacement windows may cost. You should try to determine what your average monthly energy cost savings will be with specific energy rated windows. Multiply this by 12 months per year and 10 years and this should give you an accurate idea about how much you will save long-term with a certain window.

5. Installation.

Finally, you should consider the installation process when purchasing replacement windows. If you purchase your windows from a major retailer and they offer installation services, it’s generally done by a third party (an independent contractor that you may not know). If you purchase your replacement windows or doors from a window company, they generally will have their own installers on staff, so you will know that the windows you purchase will be installed by experienced professionals.

Who installs your windows can also be important for warranty purposes. Some window manufacturers require that installers be certified on their windows, depending on the features and other factors. If you have an installer who isn’t certified, it could impact or completely void the warranty.

While these are just five things that you should consider when you begin to look into replacement windows or doors for your home in Sacramento, capitol city. Make sure that you take your time in deciding what windows to purchase as you will have these windows for at least 10, 15, and maybe 20 years. It’s a significant home improvement decision, so be sure to take your time and make the right one for yourself, your home, and your family.


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