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Cast Glass

Cast Glass

Cast Glass – Art in Glass Form

Cast Glass in an ultra premium art glass for projects such as shower enclosures or partition walls. The three dimensional character of art glass provides a beautiful stunning alternative to other premium glass shower enclosures on the market today.

Cast Glass is offered in many stock patterns from which to choose, but there is no limit to the design opportunities. You can give us a drawing of your own design or offer your ideas and have your design custom made for you. Let your imagination run wild. Cast Glass will add unique character and dimension to any room.

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Venetian Cast Glass Shower Enclosure Pulls

Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before
Are you looking for a stunning way to set off your shower enclosure, board room entry, or storefront? Add a Venetian Cast Glass Pull. Stock shapes range from Dolphins to Aspen Leaves, Lighthouses to various geometric shapes.

Custom Shapes and Patterns

You can work with our designers to create a custom pull just for you. How about a full-size surfboard, split down the middle, that serves as double-door pulls for your beach resort spa? Or, would you like your hotel’s logo cast into every shower pull? We can make it happen.

Custom Pulls

Adding a custom pull to your project’s shower enclosure will provide it with a new level of luxury. Work with our designers to develop a unique pull just for your project. Almost any shape possible From lengths of 18″ to 108″. Use an existing texture or have a custom texture developed.

Casting Your Logo

We’ve developed a technique for casting logos directly into glass. It produces a stunning, long lasting image that is sure to impress. Would you like to cast your hotel logo into the pull that’s installed on every shower enclosure in your facilities? How about double-door pulls with your logo for the doors leading into your conference room?

Incredible Art – Production Level Service

In the past, if you wanted items like this, you had to work with a local artist to produce your glass, which could lead to challenges in scheduling. If you need 300 cast enclosures for your resort, we can provide you what you need, complete, correct, on time, every time.

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Cast Glass GALLERY

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