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Bio Clean and Glass Cleaner

Bio Clean and Glass Cleaner

Bio-Clean: Professional grade Water Stain Remover and Cleaner

Bio clean provides a line of commercial and residential cleaning products containing non-chemical, non-acidic based cleaning ingredients. It will cause no harm or damage to skin if contacted. It is safe to use on glass, shower doors, boats and even pots and pans!

Bio Clean Bio Clean is well known for removing water spots from glass… But it also works well on Showers, Tile, Chrome, Stainless Steel and all hard surfaces not harmed by a mild detergent.

Bio Clean is a Polish; If the stains are really bad it may take a little more elbow-grease or two applications, but nothing works better.

Once the stains are gone use the Sealant to seal and protect the surface.

Glass Cleaner

Southgate Glass offers two Industrial Strength Glass Cleaners. 

Glass Cleaner

Hi Sheen

— Industrial strength formula was developed especially for the glass industry.
— Concentrated foam lifts dirt, grime, smudges and salts with a minimum of spray.
— No smears, streaks or film.
— Cleans mirrors, windshields, windows, Formica, ceramic tile, appliance surfaces, chrome and stainless steel.

Glass Cleaner


— Sprays in Any Position 
— Dissolves Dirt, Grease, Grit and Grime 
— Heavy-Duty Foam Clings to Vertical Surfaces 
— Guaranteed to Leave No Film 
— Streak Free 
— The Most Versatile Glass Cleaner Available 
— Industrial Strength
— Pleasant Scent





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