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Window Replacement: One At A Time

byMelissa Robinson( Jul 01 , 2019 )


There might be occasions where you may need to replace just one window on your house. Perhaps one of your windows was broken beyond repair or maybe the roof leaked and rotted out a certain window. But more often, you get replacement windows in Sacramento, CA all at once. When you think about taking on a larger-scale project, you might be overwhelmed by the scope of the project. It’s costly, right? But there are benefits to replacing all of the windows at once instead of replacing them in stages.

If you get all of your windows done at once, they will cost less per window than if you did one at a time. It makes sense, when you stop to think about it. Most things have bulk discounts. When you buy a lot of something, the cost per item is cheaper. The same is true for the windows. If you replace one at a time, each window will cost more and you will have labor costs for each as well. When you look at it that way, it makes sense to do them all at once.

It's also easier on the style to get your windows at once. You never know when styles will change and how long the windows you like will be available. If you want to ensure you can get something that matches, it’s best to get it all at once. You don’t have to worry about trying to match things up later.

While it’s a good idea to take the whole project on at once, you still want to look at your windows on a one-at-a-time level. Go room to room and window to window and see what you think about what window style would be best in that area. You might have mostly double hung windows around the kitchen, but above the sink, having a casement window in place is really better. You might place casement windows in the living room, but there’s also a good spot for a bay or bow window. Each window needs to be taken into account on an individual level, even if you are going to replace them all at once.

When you are ready to talk details on replacement windows in Sacramento, CA, you’re more than welcome to contact the experts at Southgate Glass. If you feel more comfortable replacing one room of windows at a time, or one level of the house at a time, we can certainly help you with that. If you’d like to get the whole house out of the way at once, we’re there for those needs as well. Give us a call at (916) 421-1723 and we can set you up with a free consultation or answer some of your questions over the phone. You can also stop by the showroom and take a look at the windows in person at 6852 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823. We can show you around or let you browse on your own to get ideas for what works on your home.


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