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Starting The Replacement Window Research

byMelissa Robinson( Aug 05 , 2019 )


If you’re thinking of making a big investment into your house by getting replacement windows in Sacramento, CA, it’s important to know as much about the process as possible. One way to do just that is to research the options and figure out what you need to know before you get yourself into something you’ll regret. Here are a few good places to start along with things you will want to try and learn.

1-The Internet

The internet is full of information on any topic, including replacement windows. As long as you check reputable sources, you can learn a lot of things. One issue you’ll want to learn as much about as you can are the ratings labels that every window carries. These labels will tell you more about how the windows operate and function. They will showcase the window’s efficiency and many other things. You’ll want to know what the numbers next to U-factor and SHGC mean so you can better judge what’s best for your home.

2-The Window Store

Once you learn some of the basics from the internet, it’s nice to talk to window experts in person. Dropping by a showroom won’t mean that you’re obligated to make a purchase. You can ask some questions, and the experts there are a wealth of information. You can ask them about upgrades and additions they might recommend for your particular situation. Keep in mind that your home is unique and certain upgrades might be necessary to meet your goals while others would be a waste of your funds. The representatives at the window store can go over efficiency ratings as well as upgrades, styles, functions, and much more. Ask as many questions as you have as you gather information.

3-New Homes

It’s also good for your research to drive by new homes, or houses you know have new windows. You can inspect the styles of the homes and what windows look nice on them. Think about what of those styles you like the most and start to figure out your color preferences. The more you know about what you enjoy and appreciate in the windows, the better you will be able to make choices later.

4-Your Budget

You also need to do some investigative work where your budget is concerned. What can you afford? What do you want to spend? Your ability to spend on the windows will inform which windows you get and what upgrades you might be able to afford. It’s important to set a budget before you begin the process with too much earnest.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Sacramento, CA, it’s important to do a little research work first. The professionals at Southgate Glass are here to answer your questions at any point, whether you’re ready to get new windows soon or not. Give us a call with inquiries at (916) 421-1723 and set up a free consultation. Or you can stop by our showroom at 6852 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823 and browse the options on your own or with a tour from our experts.


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