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Replacement Windows For The Second Level

byMelissa Robinson( Aug 12 , 2019 )


When you get replacement windows in Carmichael, CA, it’s best to get the whole house done at once. You’ll have better energy efficiency, you can match the windows with ease, and you only have to go through installation one time. However, just because you plan to do the whole house at once doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing in the whole house. Consider different windows for the second level, for example, over the ground level. Here are a few things you might want to consider for your second story replacement windows.

Double Hung Style

Double hung windows are a popular style for the second level of a home. Double hung style windows are classic windows that don’t go off trend. But they’re also a nice, safe window for the second story. If you have pets or children, it’s nice to know that you can open the top half of the window and leave the bottom half closed. You can get the ventilation you want without allowing anyone to topple out the window on accident. Double hung windows are also a great option for the second story because you can easily tilt them into the home to clean them from inside. You don’t have to climb on the roof or get out a ladder. Do the exterior cleaning from the inside of your home.

Avoiding Upgrades

It makes sense to have certain upgrades on certain windows of the home, but maybe not all of them. On the second story, you probably have a lot of bedrooms. Perhaps you keep the blinds up there closed for most of the day because either you aren’t home or you’re sleeping and you want privacy. For those spaces, it doesn’t really matter if you have low-E glass. Low-E coatings allow natural light through, but keep the heat out. If you keep window coverings closed, you’re blocking heat and natural light anyway. You can save money, get normal windows there, and install low-E coatings on the glass on lower levels for greater benefits.

Any Extra Interests

You likely want a lot of privacy upstairs, but there are some areas that also need natural light. Consider adding a few things for extra areas of interest. You could put a fogged window into the bathroom, or perhaps a skylight. You could also add a window into a dark hallway so you don’t have to use the overhead light as much.

These are a few things to consider when you are getting replacement windows in Carmichael, CA and you are thinking about the second story, specifically. It’s nice to get all the windows done at once, but it’s okay to get different options upstairs as opposed to the lower level of the house. When you want help with the options, the professionals at Southgate Glass can help with the details. Call us at (916) 421-1723 and we can answer questions or get you set up with a free consultation in our showroom, which is located at 6852 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823.


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