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Replacement Windows For Any Home

byMelissa Robinson( Jun 24 , 2019 )

You have a one-story home and you need energy efficiency. You have a two-story house and you’re concerned for the safety of your children. You have a night shift and you sleep during the day and need quiet. There are replacement windows in Carmichael, CA for your needs, no matter what they might be. The key is finding just what you need for the goals you have for your home or the specific challenges you need to meet. Let’s take just these few examples and explain what windows are best for those houses. 

If you have a one-story home and you want energy efficiency above all else, there are windows that can help with that process. Sure, double pane windows that come standard with any replacement can help, but there are other options that might work even better. Consider putting inert gas fillings between the panes, for example, to give you further insulation and efficiency. You can also put low-E coatings on the glass to block the heat from the sun and UV rays from coming into your home. 

When you have children, their safety is above everything else, even when you are looking at replacement windows for your home. In a two-story home, it’s even more important. Having double pane glass on these windows is a good way to address safety. You can open just the top half for ventilation and then you don’t have to worry about children toppling out the window through the screens. You can also get upgraded locks and strong glass so it’s harder to break through, accidentally or on purpose. 

Those who have the night shift have to adjust to a whole new world. They must stay up and work overnight and sleep during the day when the rest of the world is up and moving about. That can be hard, noise-wise. They can get black out curtains to help with the light, but what about noise? For those individuals, triple pane glass can really help. This upgrade gives further insulation between the interior and exterior of the home with space between the glass to slow noise down as well. It can really help maintain peace and quiet during the day when they need to rest, even when the rest of the street is up and going about their day. 

When you are ready to address your home’s issues and your life’s needs, contact Southgate Glass to look into which v replacement windows in Carmichael, CA are right for you. There are replacement windows that are just right for every home. You just have to find the right answer for yours. Call us at (916) 421-1723 for a free consultation or visit us at 6852 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823 to see products in person. You can wander the showroom, ask questions, get ideas, and begin the process, if you’d like. You can also go to our website to find out more about us and start the research phase of your project.

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