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Home Improvement With Large Impact

byMelissa Robinson( Jul 22 , 2019 )


There are plenty of home improvement options on the market and there are nearly endless ideas on TV shows and in magazines. You can make small changes and they can make a big difference in some ways. If you paint your kitchen cabinets a new color, for example, the space can look completely different. But that change doesn’t spread to any other rooms. When you get replacement windows in Carmichael, CA, however, you are taking on a home improvement project that has a large impact on many different areas of your home. Here are a few to consider:

Exterior Curb Appeal

Your home’s siding shows more than anything else outside since there’s more of it than anything else, but next to that, it’s the windows. Getting new windows can give your home a bright, fresh curb appeal that you wouldn’t expect. You can work on other things at other times, but even just getting new windows will freshen things up.

Interior Aesthetics

When you think about your new windows, the curb appeal comes to mind first, but the truth is, they show just as much inside as they do outside. And since you spend more of your time inside, you’ll notice them there more often. They’ll bring in more natural light and give a brighter look to the interior as well.

Lower Energy Bills

One of the greatest deals on new windows is the monthly energy bill you receive once they are installed. You don’t have to worry about the bills climbing any longer. They’ll go low and stay low and you’ll be able to pay yourself back for the initial investment as time goes by.

Higher Home Protection

New windows are protectors for any home. They’re stronger and harder to break, whether it’s from an intruder or a mis-thrown ball. You won’t have to worry about the glass shattering and ruining things in your home nearly as much. Your home is safer and you have an emergency exit that is easy to open as well, unlike your old windows that might have been painted shut.

Bigger House Values

If you sell your house in the future, you’ll get more money out of it than you would have had your home kept its old windows. You’ll be able to pay a big chunk of the investment back to yourself. The rest, you’ve likely made up in energy bills.

These are just a few of the awe-inspiring things that replacement windows in Carmichael, CA can do to a home to make a huge impact on your lifestyle and the overall home appearance. If you want to learn more about new windows and consider their installation on your home, contact the experts at Southgate Glass for help. Give us a call at (916) 421-1723 and we’ll set you up with a consultation to help you start down the right path. You can also tour our showroom any time for more inspiration and possibilities at 6852 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823.


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