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Are Your Windows Expiring?

byMelissa Robinson( May 27 , 2019 )


While they may not use words, homes do talk to homeowners in a variety of ways. When something is going wrong with your house, it will tell you with warning signs that are connected to the problem. However, not every homeowner knows what or how to listen to their home. If your windows are getting older and you are in need of Elk Grove, CA window replacement, there are signs that will tell you as much. Here are a few that will showcase that your windows are expiring their usefulness:

Window Operation Is Tough

On a nice California afternoon, you should be able to open your window and let the breeze come in. Windows aren’t supposed to be hard to open. And they really aren’t’ supposed to be impossible to move. If your windows don’t open and close properly because they are painted shut or have warped over the years, they aren’t just an inconvenience— they’re a safety hazard. What would you do if you needed that window as an emergency exit? If your windows won’t open or close right, they’re expiring and you need replacements.

Damage Is Visible

There are certain repairs that can be done on windows, but there are others that you can visibly see that just aren’t fixable. If you see wood rot, for example, or warping in the frame, it’s not something that will go away and, in reality, will only get worse. Your windows are expiring—quickly—and you need to have new windows installed by professionals. You have to see it to believe it…and you definitely see it.

Drafts Are Miserable

California can get some winds, but your home should be well protected from those drafts. If you feel like it’s almost as windy inside as it is outside, it’s a sign that your windows are expiring. Not only are you miserable and uncomfortable, but you have to pay way too high energy bills every month because of these air leaks. It’s best to get professionals on the job at the very first sign of an air leak.

Outside Noise Is Leaking In

No one wants to hear absolutely everything that goes on outside their home. In fact, you go inside to block the rest of the world out. When your windows won’t allow that and you can hear neighbors chatting as if they are standing next to your couch, your windows are past their prime and need to be replaced.

These are just a fight of the signs your windows will give you when they need Elk Grove, CA window replacement. As nice as it would be if everything lasted forever on your home, it just doesn’t. Windows have a life span and the sooner you recognize when that lifespan is up, the happier you will be with your home. Contact the experts at Southgate Glass by calling (916) 476-8396 to set up a free consultation. You can also stop by our showroom to look things over in person at 6852 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823.


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