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Considering Custom Replacement Windows

byMelissa Robinson( Jun 18 , 2018 )

When you are looking for new windows for your home, there are plenty of options on the market. But if you want the best value, energy efficiency, and overall aesthetics, you are really best off with custom replacement windows in Folsom, CA ( Custom windows are made to fit your home, not the other way around. They simple look better! When you think about stock windows, you might understand that they are cheaper and that makes you want them  read more

Why Are Double Pane Vinyl Windows So Highly Rated?

byMelissa Robinson( Jun 11 , 2018 )

It’s easy to imagine things…like new vinyl windows that lead to increased energy efficiency and a comfortable home complete with lower energy bills. But it’s harder to attain those things, right? It doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of double pane, vinyl windows on the market and they come in so many styles and colors, they can complement any home. If you are on a mission to find the best windows for your home, think about what you really want from the windows you choose. Your Folsom,   read more

Double-Hung or Slider Windows?

byMelissa Robinson( Jun 04 , 2018 )

Windows come in all shapes and sizes today, and you can find just about any personalized features to suit your tastes and your Folsom, CA home. Whether you want something all-white and modern or something made from Cherrywood with bronze hardware, you can get it. You can also look into double-hung or slider windows. You most likely want your next windows to be more energy efficient than your current set and it’s always nice if they’re user-friendly as well. Double-hung and slider windows are two   read more

Are Replacement Windows for You?

byMelissa Robinson( May 28 , 2018 )

There are a number of things that you enjoy about a house. Every homeowner is different and has different tastes. Some people adore having carpet under their toes while others prefer hardwood flooring. There are those who like the modern, simplistic style while others like ornate, extravagant styles. But there are some things that pretty much every homeowner can agree upon. Such as energy efficiency! Every homeowner wants their home to be as energy efficient as possible so they can pay the least amount on their b  read more

Should You Get Vinyl Windows Before Vacation?

byMelissa Robinson( May 21 , 2018 )

As spring settles into Roseville, CA, you can see the unrest among the students and other residents. Summer is coming! And when the flowers bloom, it’s hard to wait for that even nicer weather, beautiful sunshine, and vacation time. Children and adults alike look forward to vacation time, but while kids only have to go along for the ride, adults have a lot more concerns when it comes to taking time off away from home. Not only is there a budget to set up for the trip as well as other plans, but adults have   read more

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