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The Beauty of Vinyl Windows

byMelissa Robinson( Oct 16 , 2017 )

When you look at wood windows around your neighborhood in Folsom, CA, you may think they are truly beautiful. And you’re right, they are! But there are many beautiful things about other materials as well…like vinyl! Vinyl windows, beautiful? Yes indeed! Here are just a few ways in which vinyl windows are truly beautiful. Vinyl Windows Pay You Back There are some home improvement projects that raise the value of your home and that’s wonderful. You get money back on the project when you se  read more

The World of Difference in Windows

byMelissa Robinson( Oct 09 , 2017 )

When you work on home improvement projects in your home, guests might come in and say, “Wow, those new kitchen cabinets make a world of difference!” They might say the same thing about new flooring, a coat of paint, or other decorations. And while it’s true that home improvement projects make a big difference in the appearance of your home, not all of them improve your home in other ways. New flooring is great, but it just changed the flooring style and not many other things. When you put new wi  read more

Where to Buy Replacement Windows in Roseville, CA

byMelissa Robinson( Sep 25 , 2017 )

When you are looking for Roseville, CA replacement windows (, you are likely online a lot, doing research. That is never a bad thing because you want to be an informed buyer, which will only lead to the right purchases for your home. But after you look at different materials for replacement windows and you decide what style and color you might like, you have to make an even bigger, more important decision. Where to buy replacement windows. Where  read more

Wood Windows Aren’t the Only Answer

byMelissa Robinson( Sep 18 , 2017 )

When you are looking for new windows for your Roseville, CA home, you might think you have to put in what you already have, which may very well be wood. You might also think that wood is the best answer for your home because wood is beautiful and it’s what you've always had. Take this time to step back from the project and look at the options on the market. Is wood beautiful? Absolutely! Can it work on your home? Sure! Is it the only answer? Not by a long shot! Is it the best answer? Not always! Wood Windo  read more

Replacement Window Myths and Facts

byMelissa Robinson( Sep 11 , 2017 )

When you are thinking about getting new windows (, you might search around on the internet to find answers to all your questions. This can be both good and bad. First, it’s good that you’re looking for answers because that means that you want to be an informed buyer. When it comes to where to buy replacement windows, you want to know as much as you can about the process. However, you can’t always find correct information online. In fact, you might run into a lot  read more

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