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Which Style Is Best for Replacement Basement Windows?

byMelissa Robinson( Dec 11 , 2017 )

Replacement basement windows come in just about any style you can imagine. While the placement is sometimes different than in other parts of your home, you can do anything with them that you’d like. There are some styles that are more common for replacement basement windows than others. You don’t always see double-hung windows in the basement, for example, but there are other styles that are popular in that area of the home. Here are a few to consider if you are looking for replacement basement window  read more

The Best Basement Windows

byMelissa Robinson( Dec 04 , 2017 )

Basements can be an important part of the home. Perhaps you have a game room or family living space in the basement. Maybe there’s even a bedroom or two down there or a small second kitchen. Whatever you use your basement for in Folsom, CA, the windows make a difference in the space. And when it comes time to replace the windows, the options you choose can save you a lot of money and increase the functionality of the basement as a whole. You will want to consider a number of factors when it comes to basemen  read more

Replace a Window Here…Replace A Window There

byMelissa Robinson( Nov 27 , 2017 )

If your home in Rocklin, CA is aging, you know there are going to be upgrades you want to make. As you walk around your house, you might see plenty of things you need to do. What about the windows? Don’t overlook that important aspect! In fact, the windows might be one of the first things you need to address. But how should you do it? Do you want to replace a window here, replace a window there, or should you just replace the windows everywhere? While the option is completely up to you, there are advantages  read more

Are Vinyl Windows Really the Best?

byMelissa Robinson( Nov 20 , 2017 )

If you need new windows, you might look at the options on the market and wonder why there are so many different materials. Do we really need that many choices? Is there one that is better than the others that you can just choose and move on with the other decisions you have to make? There are a lot of options, it’s true. And each has their benefits. But if you want one tried and true choice that stands above the rest, you’ll go with vinyl windows for your Rocklin, CA home. Here are just a few reasons why   read more

Decorating Windows for Fall

byMelissa Robinson( Nov 13 , 2017 )

If you love to bring the different seasons into your home through decorations, it can be fun to share that spirit with the outside world as well. Sure, you can decorate your porch, but there have to be other areas you can enjoy as well. There are! Your windows! Windows are a great place to make your Rocklin, CA home stand out this fall. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started. Use Fall Leaves If you love the colors of fall, and really, who doesn’t, it’s a good idea to place them on you  read more

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