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5 Benefits Of Replacement Windows

byMelissa Robinson( Aug 15 , 2017 )

You have a lot of reasons for choosing replacement windows for your home in Rocklin, CA. In fact, most homeowners get replacement windows because of appearance and energy efficiency. If you aren’t convinced by those two rather large benefits, you may want to look into the other benefits that replacement windows offer. Here are just a few. Even though they are less obvious, they are still important when replacement windows are installed in your home. Tax Deductions Would you like to pay less for your taxe  read more

Vinyl Windows…Why?

byMelissa Robinson( Aug 07 , 2017 )

If you are considering new windows for your home in Rocklin, CA, you have likely heard that vinyl windows are the king of the market ( But why is that? Why are vinyl windows at the top? Before you install them into your home, it is good to have all of the information to make sure you are doing what’s best for your home. When it comes to replacing old, drafty windows, homeowners are often ready to look for windows that are not only attractive, b  read more

Going With The Window Trends

byMelissa Robinson( Jul 17 , 2017 )

If you want your home in Folsom, CA to keep up with the trends, it can be hard work. Certain colors come and go. Curtains are in and then they’re out. Carpeting is all the rage, and then hardwood floors. Keeping up with it all is exhausting! And then when you find out you need new windows, you have to look into window trends to make sure whatever you get will fit in with the current styles. Let Southgate Glass make it easier on you. The answer is simple…today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Vinyl windows!   read more

What Makes A House A Home?

byMelissa Robinson( Jul 03 , 2017 )

When you move into your house in Folsom, CA, it might feel like just that…a house. But there are ways you can customize it and really make it into the home you’ve always dreamed of having. How do you turn a house into a home? There are a number of ways to consider. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Customize Colors If you want to make the house look more like your home, paint a few rooms in your favorite colors. These colors will bring out your personality and make the house feel more   read more

Replacement Windows Are Like Oil Changes

byMelissa Robinson( Jun 05 , 2017 )

When you have a vehicle that you drive on a regular basis, you have to run some basic maintenance on it. You do those things in order to keep the car running effectively and efficiently. After all, vehicles are expensive and you want yours to last as long as possible. When it comes to your home, you have made a huge investment in the property. You also want it to work for your family for as long as possible. But there are things that can go wrong in a home over time. Proper maintenance is also essential. So what can   read more

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